Atlanta Dove Releases


  We have been raising doves since 1983.

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        We are a family operated business and take pride in delivering nothing less than the best professional service.
Our birds are raised with meticulous care. The upkeep, training and hygiene of theses beautiful birds is the responsibility of Dad.
He along with his two grandchildren provides daily cleaning of the facilities, flight training and play time.
Mom and Daughter provide scheduling and sometimes delivery support to our operation.
Chances are when you call you will talk to our front man, Tony. Tony operates from his
Forest Park barber shop location.
With assistance from his wife and mom this part of the team will first quickly determine if scheduling conflicts exist
and if we have the resources to provide the release service requested. Most of the time we will get back with you the same day
with a price quote for our services. The logistics and the coordination of the release can then be planed by you or your designated
coordinator along with one or more of our friendly team members.